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Articles and Reports

Here you will find (trade-)press publications which feature SIGMA and it’s work.
You will also find reports, statements and scientific articles by the SIGMA company presidents Jörg Ueltzhöffer and Carsten Ascheberg.
Last but not least you can view a comprehensive list of scientific publications about the Social Milieu Approach, Every Day Aesthetics and Post-Modernism.

Articles about SIGMA

In a cover story on page 1, the "Wall Street Journal", at the opening of the Detroit Motor Show, favourably mentioned the work of SIGMA.
Neal E. Boudette, an expert when it comes to the automotive industry, concluded that the trend-setting studies conducted by SIGMA led BMW to take initiative, and have helped the car manufacturer from Munich get back on the road to success. Read More

The global target group- and trend system of the BMW group presented by Dirk Arnold, Managing director of the BMW market- and trend research and Carsten Ascheberg, in regards to planning & analysis. Read the German text

“A MINI for the heart”: Hear from Sonja Feldmeier in media & marketing, how SIGMA helped the BMW Group successfully determine the right target group…
Download PDF in German [PDF] (PDF, 58.14 KB)

Articles by SIGMA

Managing Director of Sigma-Institute Mannheim Carsten Ascheberg  talking about automobile marketing in "m:convisions"

“Cars are worldwide the expression of one’s personality”
BMW, Honda, Mercedes-Benz or Peugeot – almost all big car manufacturers are clients of the market research company SIGMA. "m:convisions” interviewed managing Director Carsten Ascheberg about the trends of automobile marketing, special qualities of cars as a product and future mobility. Read the german text. (PDF, 1.08 MB)

Carsten Ascheberg in "Aus Politik und Zeitgeschehen"

Milieu research and transnational target group marketing. For further information please read the detailed article written by Carsten Ascheberg, Managing Director of Sigma-Institute Mannheim published in “Aus Politik und Zeitgeschichte” (PDF, 1.45 MB).
Knowledge of milieu and lifestyle research, dealing with respective behavior of different social groups in society, is especially used by applied social science, in particular in market research.

In “SIGMA Milieus®, global early warning system for product and trends” Carsten Ascheberg describes how, by using SIGMA Milieus®, trends can be spotted, future developments can be forecast and how SIGMA can help its customers with their target group marketing. [PDF] (PDF, 552.19 KB)

"Europa auf dem Weg in die Postmoderne - Transnationale Soziale Milieus und gesellschaftliche Spannungslinien in der Europäischen Union" is the name of a scientific piece by Jörg Ueltzhöffer, published in Wolfgang Merkel / Andreas Busch (Hrsg.): Demokratie in Ost und West. Festschrift für Klaus von Beyme, Frankfurt am Main 1999.
Download PDF in German [PDF (PDF, 94.49 KB)]

SIGMA presidents and founders Jörg Ueltzhöffer and Carsten Ascheberg talk about “Transnational Consumer Cultures and Social Milieus”, presenting information on the milieu approach and the European “milieu landscape”.
Download PDF in German [PDF (PDF, 289.72 KB)]

At the ADAC “automobilforum”, which took place at the IAA, SIGMA presented a comprehensive collection of thesis called “Who is going to win the future in the automotive industry?” which talks about future developments in the automotive sector. It gives a detailed account of currently developing trends and the relevance of SIGMA Milieus® when it comes to choosing a make.
Download PDF in German [PDF (PDF, 207.84 KB)]

The results of a study called "Generationenkonflikt und Generationenbündnis
in der Bürgergesellschaft"
, which was conducted by SIGMA in 1999 and commissioned by the Ministry of social affairs of Baden-Württemberg, can be downloaded in form of a press recap here.
Download PDF in German [PDF (PDF, 12.94 KB)]
SIGMA SystemsSIGMA and the A.C. NIELSEN TV research
Individualized and up to the second accurate TV consumer behavior, combined with the ownership of a specific car make, the use of many different products and media in regards to the SIGMA Milieus® Read more
Micro segmentation: MIKROTYP® SIGMA Milieus®
By Axciom Germany, the specialist for micro segmentation and the SIGMA Institute, specialist for target groups!
Read more
Everyday life aestheticsGetting a feel for the SIGMA Milieus in the “House of the Contemporary”: Documenting various different styles of interior design in Germany together with SZ magazine. Read more
SIGMA Milieus®Liberal Intellektuelles Milieu:
A flat in a dignified old building in historical residential areas (e.g. ‘Jugendstil’), a cultivated lifestyle, and a donation to Amnesty International at the end of the year.
Read more