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Aufstiegsorientiertes Milieu (16,3% - 11,45 Mio.)

„New Money“: The ”upper classes” standard of living as a measure of success. They like to display what has been achieved (not seldom exceeding the limits of their pocketbook).
Whether it is Joop, Ebel, Gucci, Mercedes-Benz, or BMW, the world of the Social Climbers is the world of brand names, luxury consumption is a natural component of their everyday world. Career success is right at the top of their list of values, yet it's not an end in itself. Rather it enables a high-power lifestyle that includes vacation trips to the far corners of the earth and posh sports, luxury articles and designer furniture. From a marketing point of view, the Social Climbers are among the most interesting target groups for premium brands. In Germany, nearly 10 mio. people belong to this milieu, which is particularly well-heeled and consumption oriented.
Important: Prestige, belonging to the ”rich and beautiful”, luxury consumption.