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Wall Street Journal New York; page 1

"SIGMA predicted - correctly it turned out - a significant expansion in the luxury market"

In a cover story on page 1, the "Wall Street Journal", at the opening of the Detroit Motor Show, favourably mentioned the work of SIGMA.
Neal E. Boudette, an expert when it comes to the automotive industry, concluded that the trend-setting studies conducted by SIGMA led BMW to take initiative, and have helped the car manufacturer from Munich get back on the road to success. Read More

The tie between the supplier and the consumer is called “common values” (H. Schultz, Starbucks)

The Basis for successful marketing strategies:
Professional target group management.

Here, the SIGMA Milieus deliver the necessary up to date knowledge concerning the linking of lifestyle, values, identity and everyday life aesthetics with consumer behavior on the market, whether in Germany, Europe (including Eastern Europe and Russia), the US, Asia (Japan, South East Asia, Mainland China), Australia and South Africa.
By now, the global SIGMA Sensor Research, which reflects sensitive changes in the harts and minds of the customers, has become a reliable, global trend indicator for a number of internationally successful brands.
In order for empirical data to lead to lasting success on the market, SIGMA has devised comprehensive Systems for a global target group management.
Whatever you might want to know about consumers – we will help you to gather insights about customers world wide and build successful strategies from that information.
Automobile Marketing“Cars are worldwide the expression of one’s personality”
Target groups are worn-out: If you want to sell something nowadays, one has to take a look at a person and his world/surrounding in its entirety. 
C. Ascheberg talking about automobile marketing in "m:convisions”
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Articles and ReportsMilieu research and transnational target group marketing. For further information please read the detailed article written by Carsten Ascheberg, Managing director of Sigma-Institute Mannheim, published in "Aus Politik und Zeitgeschichte" 
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Articles and ReportsP&A Marketing story: The global target group- and trend system of the BMW group presented by Dirk Arnold, Managing director of the BMW market- and trend research and Carsten Ascheberg, in regards to planning & analysis. Read the German text
Articles and ReportsIn “SIGMA Milieus®, global early warning system for product and trends” Carsten Ascheberg describes how, by using SIGMA Milieus®, trends can be spotted, future developments can be forecast and how SIGMA can help its customers with their target group marketing. [PDF] (PDF, 552.19 KB)
(PDF, 552.19 KB)

Everyday life aestheticsGetting a feel for the SIGMA Milieus in the “House of the Contemporary”: Documenting various different styles of interior design in Germany together with SZ magazine. Read more
SIGMA SystemsSIGMA and the A.C. NIELSEN TV research
Individualized and up to the second accurate TV consumer behavior, combined with the ownership of a specific car make, the use of many different products and media in regards to the SIGMA Milieus® Read more
Micro segmentation: MIKROTYP® SIGMA Milieus®
By Axciom Germany, the specialist for micro segmentation and the SIGMA Institute, specialist for target groups!
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