Gesellschaft fŘr internationale Marktforschung und Beratung mbH
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The tie between the supplier and the consumer is called “common values” (H. Schultz, Starbucks)

The Basis for successful marketing strategies:
Professional target group management.

Here, the SIGMA Milieus deliver the necessary up to date knowledge concerning the linking of lifestyle, values, identity and everyday life aesthetics with consumer behavior on the market, whether in Germany, Europe (including Eastern Europe and Russia), the US, Asia (Japan, South East Asia, Mainland China), Australia and South Africa.
By now, the global SIGMA Sensor Research, which reflects sensitive changes in the harts and minds of the customers, has become a reliable, global trend indicator for a number of internationally successful brands.
In order for empirical data to lead to lasting success on the market, SIGMA has devised comprehensive Systems for a global target group management.
Whatever you might want to know about consumers – we will help you to gather insights about customers world wide and build successful strategies from that information.