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SIGMA Systems

Global target group management, - the easy way!

It’s one thing to know target groups, the other thing is to manage them. That’s why when it comes to the SIGMA Systems, we have specifically contracted long term partnerships and co operations both abroad and in Germany, in order to give the specialists which use the SIGMA Milieus« the possibility to operationalize the SIGMA target groups within their specific field of work.
  1. The Consumer Analysis measures the market and media behavior of SIGMA target groups on a yearly basis of 30.000 cases,
  2. TV usage is measured up to the second accurately by ACNielsen,
  3. Axciom micro-segmentation supplies CRM specialists with addresses of various different milieus.
  4. Our local partners not only help us when it comes to continuously keeping milieus up to date, but also in terms of international ad hoc research.