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SIGMA at your door: MIKROTYP ® SIGMA Milieus

Maybe you want to personally get to know your target group? Maybe you at least want to know where they live? Acxiom Germany offers a unique spectrum of services for professional dialog- and micro marketing. Here the focus is on services relating to addresses, updating and analyzing existing data, collecting data, realization of direct communication using various different approaches and customer care centers all the way up to complex database management in regards to outsourcing.
Acxiom Germany and SIGMA together offer the MIKROTYP ® SIGMA Milieus, making it possible for the first time to subtly combine psychography with micrography and making it available for marketing purposes. Using the comprehensive microgeographical basis of MIKROTYP ® SIGMA Milieus, Acxiom has assembled a database, which for the first time displays SIGMA Milieus on the basis of individual buildings.