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An overview of our services

  1. People, and thus companies, are dynamic entities. So it only follows that socio cultural research requires constant revision and adaptation. Thus one of our main topics of research focuses on the continual and global analyzation of people, their market behavior, and most of all, their lifestyle orientations and values (SIGMA Milieus®).
  2. Dependable trend signals can only be supplied by those, who continually measure the behavior and attitudes of a great variety of different population groups, and through that, are able to detect changes. Our Sensor Research compares reactions of people world wide, not only to constantly update and review target groups, but in order to detect changes in people’s thinking and behavior at an early stage, monitor these trends the world over, and predict their impact.
  3. The third main research topic is Everyday Life Aesthetics. The global tendency, that outward appearance has become a means of identification and thus a dominant purchase criteria was the reason for us to specifically focus on this development: By now the fascination with aestheticism as become a key trend transcending all different types of categories. The aesthetization of everyday life, und thus that of consumption, is also becoming a highly integral part of marketing. Design isn’t just the “cherry to top of the cake” of an engineering achievement anymore, it’s at the very core of the offer. SIGMA describes this phenomena in which people shape their own identity through personal experience rather than through rational means “Identity Engineering”.
  4. An ever growing number of our customers uses the SIGMA Online Research in cooperation with our partner Forschungsgruppe Wahlen Online. Together with the ZDF (German television), Microsoft and the Süddeutsche Zeitung (German newspaper) we have created a milieu based online panel with over 60.000 participants in Germany, which we can now use to conduct on the spot trend- and market research.
  5. Furthermore, the SIGMA institute offers the complete spectrum of well established, especially psychological, instruments used for market research. We do not only espouse to an “integrated” approach when analyzing consumers, but also to an “integrated” research philosophy. That’s why we have specialists for qualitative studies, as well as for quantitative, representative surveys:
  • SIGMA conducts it’s international research projects in cooperation with local partners/experts, which, depending on the task at hand, are joined by scientific personnel on location..
  • In Germany we use local interviewers in order to be able to conduct qualitative as well as quantitative research anywhere within the country.

Quantitativ Research:

  • Quota/ Random Route
  • CATI
  • CAPI
  • Face-to-Face
  • Self administered interviews
  • Online Surveys

Qualitativ Research:

  • Various types of group discussions
  • Projectiv groups
  • Face-to-Face interviews
  • Free form interviews
  • In depth interviews
  • In home photo documentations
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SIGMA Milieus®Hedonistisches Milieu:
Freedom, not being tied down, and spontaneity (not letting anyone tell me what to do) are major values for this milieu. Conventions and expectations for behaviour posed by society...
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